Stationary Metal Cupboard

  • 40-inch-Stationary-cupboard-with-2-adjustable-shelves-and-a-72-inch-Stationary-cupboard-with-a-4-adjustable-shelves_1Harare-Zimbabwe
  • 40-inch-Stationary-cupboard-with-2-adjustable-shelves_1Harare-Zimbabwe
  • 40-inch-Stationary-cupboard-with-2-adjustable-shelves_2Harare-Zimbabwe
  • 40-inch-Stationary-cupboard-with-2-adjustable-shelves-and-a-72-inch-Stationary-cupboard-with-a-4-adjustable-shelves_2Harare-Zimbabwe
  • 72-inch-Stationary-cupboard-with-4-adjustable-shelves..Harare-Zimbabwe

Stationary Metal Cupboard

Product Description

40 and 70 -inch Stationary Metal Cupboard with 2-adjustable Shelves Harare Zimbabwe.

Stationary Metal Cupboard with 2 and 4 Shelves. Harare, Zimbabwe. Metal stationary cupboard brand new. All units are supplied with a pair of keys. Comes with 3 height adjustable shelves and the lugs required to hang them.


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