4-Way Galaxy Pod Desk Harare Zimbabwe

  • 4-Way-Galaxy-pod-Desk-Completed-with-3-drawer-mobile-and-screen-partitioning-Harare-Zimbabwe
  • 4-Way-Galaxy-pod-Desk-Complete-with-3-drawer-mobile-and-screen-partitioning-..Harare-Zimbabwe
  • 4-Way-Galaxy-pod-Desk-Completed-with-3-drawer-mobile-and-screen-partitioning-Harare-Zimbabwe
  • 4-Way-Galaxy-pod-Desk-1600-x-905-Complete-with-3-drawer-mobile-and-screen-partitioningHarare-Zimbabwe

4-Way Galaxy Pod Desk Harare Zimbabwe

Product Description

4-Way Galaxy Pod Desk for sale in Harare, Zimbabwe

4 Way Galaxy pod Desk 1600 x 905, Complete with 3 drawer mobile and screen partitioning.

4 Way Galaxy pod Desks‘ are the perfect solution for creating an open and collaborative environment in your office or work-space. A collaborative desk pod is perfect for creating two to four person workstations and are configured by utilizing L-Shape desks in sets of 2, 4 or more. Between the desks are privacy panels which may be acrylic, fabric or glass. These collaboration workstations can also be configured with tables.

Collaborative Desks

Collaboration workstations are great for open office environments where staff members work as teams. They also offer the advantage of making the most of your space and in large rooms partition walls can be utilized to create space for teams to work and offer a sound barrier between each team for privacy.


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